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Blocked Drain Geelong

Quick Sure Plumbing understands the inconvenience a blocked toilet can cause, and the necessity to have it unblocked as quickly as possible. A blocked toilet and other toilet blockages are often due to excess toilet paper being flushed, or objects like toys and clothes becoming stuck in the blocked drain.

Looking to address your blocked drains in Bellarine Peninsula? We are based in Ocean Grove but our repair specialists team service surrounding towns including Torquay, Geelong, Quenscliff and Portarlington.

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We use only the best sectional drain machines which cut and physically remove obstructions in your drain and clean your line perfect.

Affordable Blockage solutions with quality advice

QuickSure Plumbing use only the best Ridgid drain cameras and unblocking equipment.

Repairs done with un-match quality though traditional friendly service

We unblock basically any blocked drain: Blocked toilet, Blocked basin sink, Blocked kitchen sink, blocked shower, blocked storm water drains.

We can see exactly what is wrong in crystal clear colour drain camera, this helps us understand what caused the blockage in your drain. As we put the camera down your drain you are able to see a live stream on our Ipad. The Recording is then captured and a report compiled.

In addition to our great camera we have a locater which tells us how deep your drain is and the exact location the problem.

More information about our Drain Camera.

Blocked Drain Repairs

Blocked sinks can occur frequently, and may be due to greasy food waste and fats being disposed of down the sink or waste disposal unit. A blocked shower is often caused by a build up of hair and soap residue accumulating in the drain.

However, a blocked sewer could be due to any number of reasons, there may be extensive tree root infiltration or the pipes could be damaged, due to ground movement or age.

For blocked storm water drains, this maybe due to leave matter or other debris being washed from the gutters into the down pipe.  Quick Sure Plumbing we use our drain cleaner equipment to unclog blockages. Allowing rain water to flow away.

Our truck has all the state of the art equipment on board to unblock drains, unblock toilet and unclog sinks. If the pipes are damaged, then our drain laying and drainage teams are available to provide a free quotation for repair or replacement.

Our experienced operators will unblock your drain as quickly as possible with their specialised machine. However if there is a more serious issue, they will identify this and a solution will be provided.

If you are experiencing a blocked drain, then let one of our experienced blocked drain plumbers in Bellarine Peninsula help you by Contacting Us.

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