Why Is My Hot Water System Leaking?

While we go about our days with the chaos of day to day responsibilities and commitments, it can be especially frustrating and inconvenient discovering that your hot water service is leaking. While this leaking may not always be a cause for concern, it is best to get it checked out by an industry professional. Fortunately, the team at QuickSure Plumbing service Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula and the Surf Coast and are experts at resolving a hot water system leak.

Is it normal for a hot water system to leak?

At any time after the hot water installation process your system begins to leak, it may be due to the normal safety feature of a release of pressure from the water tank. However, it could also be the consequence of a faulty valve. How can you tell between the two? It is important to be aware of the amount of water coming out of your hot water service and how often it happens.

The slow and minor leak of water is generally a sign that the system is in working order and running to its correct safety feature. However, it is advised that even a slow leak be examined by your plumber as it may be a sign of a potential problem that is about the arise. Large or regular releases of water are likely to be the repercussion of a faulty valve and must be checked out by an experienced industry professional.

The possible causes of a hot water system leak:

  • Corroded Storage Tank: The storage tank of a hot water service can weaken over time generally as a result of the residue and grit build up from inside the tank. Furthermore, the seal inside the valve may be damaged by small particles of build up and may no longer seal properly. As valve seals will eventually need replacing, it is recommended that they are inspected a couple of times a year to check that they are sealing with no problems. You may notice signs that your hot water tank is beginning to corrode if you notice rust coloured water or water that has a bad odour.  
  • Pipe and Fixture Damage: Fittings and pipes on your hot water service can erode from regular contact with exposure to elements and substances as the days go by. This is only natural and can be repaired by an experienced plumber. If you live by the beachside areas of Geelong, such as the Bellarine or Surf Coast, it is common for the salty air to contribute to the corrosion of metal, hence contributing to the corrosion of your hot water service.
  • Build Up of Pressure: A common reason that your hot water service may be leaking can be due to the tank building up with too much pressure inside. This can result in the excess pressure forcing the water to leak out of the tank, in turn decreasing the pressure that it has been holding inside. It is common for this to occur when the temperature on the hot water service is set too high. A faulty temperature pressure relief valve can lead to a build up of pressure in the tank as well as the exterior water supply to a house comes in with too much force.

Are you having problems with your hot water service? Are you concerned about your hot water service leaking? Quicksure Plumbing are always on hand for advice and quality assistance for your plumbing requirements. Highly experienced, our plumbers service the plumbing requirements across the Geelong, Bellarine and Surf Coast communities and are able to help you.Give us a call today.

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