The warning signs of a blocked drain

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We all know how inconvenient a blocked drain is, whether at home or a workplace, they tend to occur when we least expect them to. Blocked drains are one of the most common jobs plumbers get called to tend to and it is important they are seen to as soon as possible by an experienced plumber before it develops into a worse condition.

Warning Signs of A Blocked Drain:

Being aware of early warning signs can place give you the advantage of recognising an issue before it develops into a more serious plumbing problem. The most common signs you can look out for include.

  • Slow draining: This is one of the most evident signs of blocked drains. If there is slow emptying of a sink, it can generally become worse over time. Another example of this is when water has accumulated on the floor after having run a shower.
  • Unpleasant odour: When there is a blockage in your plumbing, extra hair, water, soap, and debris will continue to build up behind the stoppage.This will emit a strong smell that can be detected around your drains.  
  • Changes in flush: Water levels in your toilet can rise higher or fall lower if there is a blockage, the filling action can be also affected. Water flow into the tub or shower when  flushing the toilet is also a sign of a main sewer drain clog.

Causes Of A Blocked Drain:

  • Foreign objects or debris: Soaps that have been pushed down the sink are most likely to have been in a liquid state, however, over time these can solidify and cause a blockage. Meanwhile, collecting other materials such as food and hair.
  • Broken pipes: Pipe breakage can be due to poor installation or old age. A pipe break can block the natural flow of water and lead to the pipe collapsing and blocking the drain.  
  • Incorrect pipe installation: While DIY repairs and renovations are tempting for many, they can increase the risk of plumbing problems you may have to encounter. This is due to poorly installed pipes becoming misaligned or collapsing.
  • Heavy rain and storms: The leaves, dirt, other debris build up accumulated during heavy storms and downpour can cause a blocked drain. Outdoor drains are not designed to take in a large amount of water so it is advised not to wait too long to have these repaired.

How QuickSure Plumbing Can Help:

Are you dealing with the unfortunate circumstance of having blocked drains? QuickSure Plumbing are here to help. Family owned and having operated for nearly 40 years, our team of experts will ensure you are provided care and quality service to ensure your repairs are catered to effectively. We provide effective plumbing solutions for blocked drains throughout the Geelong region, Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast.  


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