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Water Leak Plumber Geelong

If you suspect a leak or have issues with the pipes in your GeelongOcean Grove, Portarlington or Torquay home, you need it seen to and repaired fast.  At QuickSure Plumbing, we can be there today, when you need us, for a rapid assessment and repair to your leak or pipe issue. With satisfaction guaranteed service and written warranties on our quality workmanship, you can relax knowing your needs are being taken care of by professionals.

New mixer taps installed from $120 plus GST

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Get leaking taps serviced from $120 plus GST

Dripping Tap A tap leaking at the rate of one drop per second will waste almost 20,000 litres in a year. $108 a Year
A Burst Pipe A burst pipe or a tap left fully open will waste up to 60 litres per minute or 86,000 litres in only one day. $460 a DAY
Leaky Toilet A toilet with an invisible leak will waste more than 8,000 litres per year, and a toilet with a barely audible leak will waste over 100,000 litres per year. $536 a Year

LOCATING LEAKS – With our experience we can locate your leak not only quickly but we can pinpoint the precise location.

REPAIRING YOUR LEAK – At Quick Sure Plumbing, we can offer a range of leak repair solutions that will repair your leak fast whilst being suitable to your needs and budget, whether it be a partial repair to a complete pipe replacement.

REPIPING – Because older pipes, such as galvanised pipes, are particularly prone to corrosion which can lead to poor water quality and taste, we can assist with a repiping solution such as replacing your older galvanised pipes with more reliable copper pipes.  With the latest in repiping technology, we can also offer solutions that will cause the minimal disruption to the area surrounding your pipes.

Two broken plumbing pipe almost completely blocked with vibrant orange rust. Isolated on white background.

NOISY PIPE SOLUTIONS – If you have noisy pipes, such as ‘hammer’  pipes, which is when there is loud shuddering from your pipes each time your water turns on and off (such as when your washing machine is running), then you need it seen to before it causes further unnecessary damage.  We can offer a range of solutions that will help and have you enjoying peaceful water usage as it should be.

DISCOLOURED OR FOUL TASTING WATER – If you’ve noticed a discolouration to your water or have noticed a change in taste, we can offer a range of water quality solutions to have you enjoying the reliable and safe drinking water that you need.

LOW WATER PRESSURE – If you have been experiencing intermittent or low water pressure and would like a reliable and consistent water pressure for your home or business, QuickSure Plumbing in Ocean Grove can offer you the right solution for your needs.

So contact us with any leaking water problems you need fixed today.

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