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Plumber for property managers

Quick Sure Plumbing understands the property maintenance needs of property managers. We know you need a timely and efficient service to keep owners, employees, landlords and tenants happy. We’re property maintenance specialists and can assist property managers with any type of plumbing issue in their portfolio – Were here for you.

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Commercial Property managers

QuickSure Plumbing have 30 years experience in commercial plumbing across Melbourne and are now servicing the Bellarine Peninsula. We provide plumbing maintenance and new plumbing work for all types and sizes of commercial buildings. We can meet with you to discuss your requirements and tailor maintenance of building contracts to suit your budget and requirements.

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Tune up maintenance for property managers

Every 12 months, or perhaps when tenants vacate a property, why not have any necessary taps and toilets re-washered, heaters and hot water units serviced, and gutters cleaned. It’ll not only assist the landlord with keeping the property in great condition, it will also avoid new tenants calling after hours to say their taps are dripping or their toilet won’t flush!

Put the safety of your tenants first don’t risk it!

Neglected heaters or hot water units are Dangerous! Have them regularly inspected to avoid:

  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. You can’t see carbon monoxide and your can’t smell it, but if it leaks, the threat to your tenants is very, very real! The cause is a badly maintained heater.
  • Fires due to incorrect insulation, insufficient clearance, electrical shorts or current overloads
  • Floods due to badly maintain hot water units. Leads to Burst units which can cause massive damage bills!

More services we can offer you.

  • Test the carbon monoxide levels to ensure this poisonous gas is not being released from any of your gas burning appliances. All our equipment is state of the art.
  • Test your gas line for gas leaks.
  • All smoke alarms can be checked and tested
  • Install a permanent carbon monoxide alarm for added safety.
  • Change light globes.